What is Counselling?

Please note I currently have no space to take on new clients. I will update this space as soon as I have.

Counselling offers a confidential space in which to access support and explore difficult emotions or memories, which may be impacting negatively on your life.

Sometimes it is too difficult to talk to friends and family because they may be close to the situation in question or they may have an agenda of their own. Counselling gives you the opportunity to talk openly to someone impartial who will not judge you.

Some people find counselling helps them in many ways. I have tried to summarise some of these below.

Counselling can help you find clarity in times of confusion. It can allow you space to step back from the problems or difficulties you are experiencing and get some perspective. This in turn can help you solve problems and help you make decisions.

Counselling allows you to share difficult feelings with another person. Sometimes emotions remain buried for years and they can have negative repercussions on our day-to-day lives. Counselling can bring relief from the tension and pressure that pent up emotions can cause. It is not possible to change the experiences of our past but I believe we can learn to cope with difficult experiences and the emotions they evoke.

The object of counselling is not only to help you through current difficulties. Counselling can help you to recognise your own resources and help you to develop healthy coping strategies, which can help you to deal with current problems and also help you in the future.

Counselling aims to bring about self-discovery and ultimately self-acceptance.

Counselling can also help people to change aspects of their behaviour that are unhelpful or unhealthy such as negative thought patterns or addictions to drugs, alcohol or food.

Counselling is not for everyone but if it sounds like something that you would like to explore or if you have more questions please feel free to contact me.